6 Ecommerce Strategies that can be used post-Coronavirus Lockdown

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6 Ecommerce Strategies that can be used post-Coronavirus Lockdown

Internet boom has brought splendid business of ecommerce and in a span of over 20 years the global business has reached record high of $3.5 trillion in retail ecommerce. With small and medium sized businesses finding its way into online buying and selling, ot has further gave a vast opportunity for Ecommerce Development Services.

Crisis of Pandemic Covid-19

Starting off in mid January 2020, in Wuhan, China, Coronavirus or novel Covid-19 virus has hit the entire world and rapidly it resulted in high mortality rate that as of June, 2020, there are 6.29M registered cases on a global level. This respiratory infectious disease has no vaccine so far while Billions of Dollars are being spent on researching for vaccine. The only prevention to stay safe from the virus is to seek protection by wearing a mask and sanitize hands repeatedly. The system of quarantine safeguards people by isolation and restricting to meet others will also prevent the spread of virus.
More than 200 countries were affected with the virus and those that are impacted hugely include – China, U.S., Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Iran, U.K., Switzerland, Turkey and many others.

The effects of Pandemic on eCommerce

Due to the lockdown, people restrained themselves from shopping and stayed home. These strict measures of stay home – save lives has become mandatory to reduce the fast spread and to safeguard the health of billions of people across the globe.
Also as a result, in a research study it was revealed that 52% of consumers are avoiding the crowds while 32% are leaving their house less often

It was also noticed that stock market has also become much volatile.

On the other side, it gave rise to Ecommerce Website Development Services giving a better opportunity for businesses to launch their own online store for customers to buy online conveniently.

There are very efficient and most advanced software technologies such as – WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Drupal, HTML5 and many other leading ecommerce solutions are available apart from popular mobile platforms of Android and iOS.

Attractive marketing strategies available

What are the marketing strategies available at this time of Covid-19, particularly when lockdown is still in effect among some countries?  The strategies are required.to be client-focused, offering easy-to-work with digital marketing solutions while delivering positive business results.

This includes multiple requirements of strategy, integration, migration and building results-driven ecommerce software development.


It requires to build an effective ecommerce website development with a chain of products accommodated online easily made available for purchase online. Continuing business in online space is much more efficient even in lockdown times as Ecommerce web development company uses multiple software solutions to build websites with shopping cart for online transactions.


This enables online shoppers to make quick purchases. In this line of strategy, it is important to design your website keeping in view of consumer browsing behavior, buying behavior and create a marketing campaign that that makes the PPC at a higher rate and speeds up the sales.


Additionally, it is also important to add the features like higher page speed, usability, SEO, optimized content. Implementing efficient digital marketing steps is also essential in order to enable campaigns to reach audience for their convenience to buy products.


Content marketing being the most effective strategy, various content types with the medium of social media, video and other sources of advertising and promotion  have to be in use for better reach of audience.


For each of channel, a strategy is required to be planned considering analytics, marketing insights and advertising modules. Additionally the use of marketing tools will also enable to speed up the process of promotion.

Factors to be considered as top priority:

– Offer 24/7 customer support and maintenance

– Keep the site open for buyers to make purchases

– Timely shipment and delivery

– Generate revenue

– Practice social distancing at the time of delivery of package

– Wear facial mask and hand gloves while handing the parcel


In this process, affiliate marketing is also largely helpful for ecommerce sellers to use the benefit of advertising and promotion. As it makes much easier for affiliate marketers  to research on analytics, trends and insights, product promotion and marketing awareness builds strategies enabling businesses to find shoppers to easily consume their needs.

Affiliate marketers have extensive potential to work from home and make money online from the sales they make. Particularly, cyberspace with plenty of digital marketing strategies gives them a better view of advertising and promotion.

Creating offers in the niche market of pharmaceuticals,  health care, finance, insurance and software technology etc. hands the consumers with a wide variety of buying options taking the advantage of email marketing.

Key Benefits of ecommerce development services

With work-from-home procedures in practice, a large segment of workforce has been buying groceries, vegetables, electronics, toiletries, facial masks and other necessities from retail chain ecommerce stores. These essentials have benefited sellers to make higher sales and buyers have derived the fullest benefit during lockdown period.

Ecommerce giant Amazon has been described as a “clear winner” during the Coronavirus crisis as hundreds of customers made their purchases for pantry needs and entertainment.

Chief Executive Richard Lim, Retail Economics, says “Those retailers with the slickest e-commerce operations and who managed to cope with the shift in demand. Online grocery retailers were one of the major beneficiaries as they worked at an incredible pace to boost capacity.”

Josh Brown, Chief Executive of Ritholtz Wealth Management says “Amazon became a utility in this crisis – defensive, reliable, indispensable.”

Clearly, some of the proven ecommerce marketing strategies in Ecommerce website development services in contributing to the benefit of retail supply chain brings an enormous benefit to the consumers. Alongside, campaign and promotion also has its significance in achieving brand awareness, interest and lead generation. Custom ecommerce development services create a better opportunity for small and medium retail businesses to build their online presence through ecommerce software development creating massive scope to add a huge set of online buying options for consumers.